Educational design lab for residents of Almetyevsk city.

  • Art reflect nature in real time
  • Educational lab that combines knowledge of ecology and multimedia.

We are collecting data about weather: temperature, air pollution, pressure, wind speed, etc..
We are processing data in real time and converting it into media designed architecture

Participants working with data and finding ways to convert information about weather into a digital art form (“visualising the weather" in a global sense)

The results of the lab:

- Multidisciplinary experience exchange between media artists, climatologists and anthropologists
- Obtaining professional skills for residents of Almetyevsk city in new media
- Creative community formation for different art&science experiments and initiatives

***Architecture, art and technology - these concepts have united in a new direction - media architecture. It came from the idea that a visual installation could complete design of a building and become its continuation.
***Media architecture is a combination of disciplines like architecture, urban planning, digital media, design and art.
***Media architecture can make the static architecture more dynamic and responsive.

And now imagine an architecture that responds to the rhythm of the city life, the mood of passers-by and the air temperature...
We are dealing with a very large amount of information.
And we can change our expectations of the conventional architecture.
Are we ready for the fact that the building will not only be a static form, but will endlessly relay and pass through itself the information that it receives from the outside?

visualizations by Ilya Duganov