“The Idealized City” explores how buildings and city structures shape who we are, both individually and as a group, particularly in the context of the globalized world. The exhibition looks back in time, comparing Leon Battista Alberti’s Renaissance concept of the ‘Ideal City’ with Al-Farabi’s ‘Virtuous City’ (Madinat al-Fadilah), to understand how modern city planning differs from older ideas.

Filippo Minelli uses photography, video, and installation art to create an immersive environment that extends into the digital realm. The exhibition encourages viewers to engage with themes of introspection, authenticity, and the representation of reality in the digital age.

Inloco Storage
WH 5, 9 Street,
Al Khayat Avenue, Al Quoz

28.02.2024 - 01.05.2024

The Idealised City project brought to you by:

Polina Ej, Anastasia Nesterova, Xenia Zobova, Daria Kolosova, Andrey Voronov, Siarhei Rylko, Aleksandr Bakhirev, Pola Pisarenko, Lou, Polina Berestovaia, Anastasia Davydova, Anastasia Kopijevsky, Alexandra Lyukina, Ksenia Shkineva, Anastasia Sergeeva, Viktor Semenov, Olga Kai, HPTX, Masha Young, Tamara Seilman, Simon Kurkov and others

A film by Chromometrage dedicated to intervention, representing Filippo’s creative concept and art process.
'The Idealised City' intervebtion by Filippo Minelli