INLOCO GALLERY intervention in UAE

-live guide excursion
-movie screening
-master classes
-public talks
-interactive quests
3 fully recreated spaces
from physical to digital

1. Traditional white cube gallery
2. Movie theatre
3. Desert with art objects
Anastasia Nesterova, producer of the virtual exhibition project:

“We are growing the seeds (impulse) of sincere rebellious spirit of truthfulness through the street art. The main goal is to build a safe space for the dialog, some kind a bridge between multicultural art forms, between digital and physical, between sites and humans, between white box gallery and true vibe of desert. We inviting you to enter the multidimensional site specific immersive art experience to reconnect with yourself and meet Inloco artists.”
Maria Kobyakova, creator and developer:

“You don't have to buy a ticket to Dubai to visit an exhibition in the middle of the desert. Emerging technology helps bring contemporary art closer to the audience. The intention of our studio’s work was to virtually reproduce the conditions in which the artists' pieces were created. We scanned some of the works, created animations for various pieces, thus elaborating on the artists' ideas, incorporated gaming mechanics, and finally put everything on the Spatial platform, which made it possible for anyone to visit the gallery.”
***About Spacial: it is a platform that enables users to arrange meetings in augmented or virtual reality. The platform is free and open to users from anywhere in the world. It is available on desktop browsers, as well as on Android and iOS.