"War mythology".
A projection-mechanized model of the globe is installed in the center of the hall. 10 min show giving a global overview of all wars from ancient times to now days. Story is telling trough 8 masks that fixed around the perimeter of the hall. 8 masks - 8 Gods of War: Ares, Seth, Mars etc. Its a kind of "overture" to the rest of the museum's exposition.

Other spaces showing high-tech multimedia performances about the largest battles in history.
Via 3D mapping, VR, AR, XR and other technologies we are recreating:
-Battle of Stalingrad in the "Earth" space,
-Kuban bridgehead 1943 in the "Air" space
-Battle of Jutland in the "Water" space

There also same places in the museum where visitors could find different multimedia installations about wars and their consequences. The final installation is built around the atomic bomb hovering over a model of Hiroshima. This is a reflection space - what price we constantly pays for participating in endless wars...
Multimedia Museum in collaboration with Show Consulting Studio

Excursion in the format of a multimedia show with different visual and sound effects.
Conceptual idea: to divide the exposition into three main spaces dedicated to the war in each of the elements - earth, water and air.