"1st AD" course

  • Introductory lesson
«Who the F**k is 1st AD?».
-1st AD through the eyes of the film crew or how the head of departments see AD.
-Directors department: 1st AD, 2nd AD, 3d AD, casting director, script-supervisor, director...
-Second director or first assistant director?
What is the difference between Russian and American structure?
  • Document flow

deep learning main softs
Film Toolz (rus)
Movie Magic Scheduling (usa)
+ introduction to the secondary.
  • genre difference / specialty
music video,
feature film,
TV show

  • The round table discussion with film industry practitioners
(representatives from all departments: make up artist, costume designer, DoP, set designer, Key Gripp, Casting Director, Location manager, Producer, etc...)
  • Graduation lesson / Homework analysis
  • Practice on a real film set
Assistance to the directing team.

1st AD workshop
Lendoc studio