The Golden Container is a metaphor. What truly holds value these days? Perhaps beautiful moments that happened once are now only lodged deep in our memories. In the Golden Container, we have artifacts of these moments — captured by artists in the streets.

A shipping container is a recognizable symbol of industrialization and urban districts. Here in Al Quoz, huge factories stand alongside beautiful galleries. That is why to design our space, we used concrete bricks and metal materials to preserve the sincerity of the brutal, raw environment.

At the entrance, we came up with a blooming greenhouse with vintage furniture where time stopped. This is the opposite of an ascetic black room with the golden container in a sense of eternity. An eternal garden or a home lost in time? Here lies the opportunity to reflect and dive into slow conversation or meditation.

The search for a new form of representation of contextual art led us to the treasure trove of moments - an industrial container covered with gold leaf in the heart of the exhibition hall's emptiness.
This is Inloco Open Storage.